Mileage Log

How to save money on the business, medical and charitable use of the fuel for your vehicle


Use this nice Mileage Log

To cover yourself when taking miles as a deduction for business, medical or charity  purposes.

It is set up well

For daily or random use to log the trips that you want your Uncle Sam to cover a the going rate for mileage.

The log in section titles are...

Vehicle, Date, Odometer Start, From, To, Odometer End, Total Miles, Parking etc.

Click on the mini mileage log

To download and print it in the full 8 1/2 X 11 inch size.

Go ahead - download

You should feel free to download a copy for use now and later when you need it.

You can share

Send the link to the website to friends, family, etc who will be, according to the description by the IRS, self employed, running medical or moving miles, and charity miles.

Print for free

This way they can print out a free Mileage Log page and learn the greater details about how the plan  works to their advantage. Print the mileage log.